Visitors from partner organizations

Partners Visit

Visit to Project from Wings of Hope-07.12.2016: Our beloved and respected Madam Mrs. Rajni Sriram, the Co-founder of Wings of Hope, had visited the tuition project along with 8 students from the UK school on 7th December, 2016. The staff, tuition teachers and stake holders gave a warm welcome to the visitors.

Meeting with Tuition Teachers & Stake Holders: We had a meeting with the tuition teachers and stake holders at the computer centre. The students have interacted with the tuition teachers on their responsibilities and development of children benefiting through the tuition centres. The registers and reports were verified by Rajni Madam and inquired the teachers on their roles and responsibilities and improvement of the tuition children.

Visit to VOC Nagar Tuition Centre: The students have visited a tuition centre in VOC Nagar, Vyasarpadi and interacted with tuition children. The children enjoyed the fun games conducted by the UK students. The leaders of Dr. Ambedkar Association were appreciated by Rajni Madam for providing the premises of the association for the tuition centres free of cost. The tuition teachers Ms. P. Nanthini and Mr. P. Balaji were also appreciated for their commitment in serving the poor children through tuition centres.

Visitors from Tzedek – 1st, December, 2016: Mr. Dominic Stolerman & Miss. Nyasha Chiwerezafrom Tzedek have visited the CCLE on 1st December, 2016. The CCLE trainees and slum leaders welcomed them in a grand manner. The visitors have interacted with trainees about the uniqueness and benefits of the project. They greeted the trainees for their bright future. In association with Mr. David and Mrs. Anne, they have also visited few tuition centres in Vyasarpadi, Ponniamman Street and SSPuram B block and interacted with tuition children with awareness games and appreciated the tuition teachers for their commitment and doing good task for the welfare of children of their respective slums.

Volunteers from Abroad

Training support by our beloved volunteers Mr. David Silver and Mrs. Anne Gardner from Tzedek, UK to Trainees of CCLE, Tuition Teachers and Children: English Improvement Classes for Trainees of CCLE & Tuition Teachers: Mr. David and Mrs. Anne our volunteers from Tzedek, UK have conducted classes to the trainees of CCLE and the tuition teachers on English improvement classes. They taught the trainees on English vocabulary with enhancing creativity of the participants to learn new words through exercises and activities. The fear of learning English has been removed and during the period 6 classes were organised. The volunteers have very much helped the trainees to learn English well through innovative and interactive practical sessions.

Life-Skills & Soft Skills for Trainees of CCLE & Tuition Teachers: During this reporting period from October to December, 2016, Mr. David Silver and M/s Anne Gardner volunteers from Tzedek have trained the trainees in various aspects related to life skills, soft skills and English conversation. The trainees’ gained knowledge and skills on Leadership, Communication, Soft skills, Time management, Presentation skills during Interviews, Various Teaching Methods, Resume Preparation, Conversations and Posture, Cultural activities and Social awareness. During their volunteering period Tamara and Joel their daughter and son and Mr. Tim from UK also visited the CCLE and interacted with the trainees.

Contribution of Ms.Maria Cuijpers a Volunteer to Slum Community: Ms.Maria Cuijpers an Educationalist and Development Worker from Netherlands worked as a volunteer in our organization from 25th February till 17th May, 2013. During her stay in Chennai she trained our staff, volunteers and SHG leaders to develop their skills in the areas of computer and internet, spoken English, promotion of “Urban Slum Gardening” (USG) and training on development concept. During her intervention with the leaders of SHGs and Tzedek beneficiaries, she also educated the women on perfect management of micro business and the need of economic empowerment to deprived women with inputs and awareness education. She also contributed her time in visiting the projects beneficiaries of Tzedek and 1% Club at their homes and small vending spots with the Project Director and staff and counseled them.