Projects and Recent Programs

Computer and Life Skill Education for Slum Young Women:

The computer education project has had a great impact among the slum communities and is supported by Tzedek, UK. Since the need is great, the stake holders and slum leaders had realized the importance of helping marginalised women to develop skills which will allow them to get jobs. They have worked with SAVE Trust to identify relevant beneficiary women for the project. The women who successfully complete their training are taking responsibility and helping SAVE Trust by referring their friends to Centre. English improvement sessions and life skill classes also very important elements to help the women to finish their education successfully.

After School Tuition Centres for Slum Children:

This project was initiated by SAVE Trust with the support of “The Wings of Hope, UK” from August 2014 and started for the disadvantaged slum children going to Chennai Corporation schools, Government schools and government aided schools. The beneficiary children are unable to go to paid tuition as it is too expensive for them, as most of their parents are illiterate and working as a day labourers, earning small daily wages, domestic workers and seasonal workers. The children also don’t have a separate room for studying as their homes in the slums are basically a hut or home with single room. This project has been very much welcomed by slum leaders, stake holders, parents, volunteers and the children. This project started with 20 teachers in 15 slums of North and Central Chennai. In 2016 the project was supported by the Waterloo Foundation, UK with a one-time donation. Now the tuition project has been running with the support of our well-wishers and friends of SAVE Trust.


School Intervention Program for Poor Students in Rural and Urban Areas:Providing educational counseling to the economically poor students was our prime task since the beginning of our work. We conduct the program for poor school going children studying in Corporation Schools, Government schools and Aided schools. Since the 10th standard examination is the turning point of their academic education, SAVE Trust organized such intervention programs in January, February March, 2014 at their schools and also in the slums. We provided the knowledge and skills such as study method, goal setting, avoiding bad habits, concentrating on scholastic education and methods of preparing for government examination. Around 4,000 students benefited.

Career Guidance & Job Opportunity Training for Youth: Career Guidance to youth drop out of the school after 10th standard, who hail from both rural and urban areas is also a main intervention of SAVE Trust. Since there is lot of chances for them to develop their skills in various diploma and other one year or two year courses that would fetch good jobs with decent salaries, hence we provided them the career guidance to enable them to select the career most suited to their aptitude rather than their education. Last year, totally 160 youth, both boys and girls, were covered and benefited with proper guidance, gained knowledge on job opportunities in various sectors.

Children's Day celebration : This Program conducted every year for the benefit of slum children for the past 10 years. We successfully conducted the Children's Day celebration for last year on 19.11.2016 at Dr.Ambedkar Youth Welfare Association, Ponniamman Street, Purasaiwalkkam with our tuition center children. Around 110 students were participated in the program. The tuition teachers, stake holders and volunteers along with our staff organized the program well. Mr.David Silver & M/S. Anne Gardner, Volunteers from UK conducted games for the children and also provided prizes for the winners, Mrs.Sheema Gopi, Field Officer, IAPA, Mrs.A.Vijayalakshmi, Trustee, Mr.A.Kumar, Musician, Mr.V. Balamurugan, Musician, Mr.Kamalesh, Musician, Mr.A.Baburaj, TNEB, welfare associations leaders Mr.T.Ranjan and Mr.M.Elangovan and Mr.J.Amaladoss, social worker were graced the celebration and greeted the children. The chief guests, invitees and stake holders greeted the children and welcomed the effort of SAVE Trust. Prizes were distributed to the winners and all children for their participation. The program ends with distribution of sweets and snacks.

Summer Camp for Slum Children: The Students Summer Camps, 2017 was inaugurated on 1st May at VOC Nagar tuition centre, Pulianthope, one of pour working areas in North Chennai. The summer camps were held in 8 different slums such as Perambur, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Vyasarpadi, VOC Nagar, Kannikapuram, Otteri Ponniamman Street, SSPuram B Block, Salaimanagar of North and Central Chennai till 25th May, 2017. Drawing, folk and art, first-aid, making of handicrafts and painting, English improvement on vocabulary, writing and conversation were taught. The Valedictory Function of the Camp was successfully organised on 27th May, 2017. Mr. Anbarasan, Asst. Account Officer, AG Office, Mr. D.R.Jebakar Deva Dosan, Enterprise Architect from ProKarma, Porur, Mr. Anil D Joshi, Director, Corporate Avenue, Mr.C.Paulraj, Sr. Accountant, AG Office, Mr.G.Micheal Doss, AHM, St.Paul’s School, Chennai and the well wishers graced the occasion.
Mr. Anil D Joshi and Mr. Rakesh have donated the participatory gifts (Tiffin Boxes and Water Bottles) to 210 children of our summer camps. Few of our well wishers have supported us for arranging of gifts for the winners of competitions like drawing and quiz. Mr.Jebakar, the senior leader of ProKarma Company and one of our well wishers, and 12 junior officials have participated in the program and sponsored 150 English to English to Tamil Dictionaries, 150 Geometry Boxes, 300 pencil boxes with pens and pencils etc, 300 water bottles to the tuition children. Ms. Nandhini VOC Nagar tuition centre had appreciated with best teacher award for last year. Through these camps more than 300 slum children have benefitted and the program has created a good impact among the well wishers and we hope they will continue their help to tuition project.

Greetings from our Supporters and beloved Volunteers to Summer Camp - 2017

Mr. Hirsh Cashdan, Chairperson OPT, Tzedek, UK

“My greetings to the children, I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity you have been given to grow your capabilities and use what you and have gained well in the future. I thank the tuition teachers and the volunteers for their contributions and hope that you will be able to support this worthwhile programme in the future”.

Mrs. Rajni Sriram, Co-Founder, Wings of Hope, UK

Dear Children, Teachers, Volunteers and other senior members of SAVE Trust, I am very happy to learn that the Summer Camps at all locations have been running so very well and the children have spent their holidays in a useful manner. Many thanks to all Teachers, Volunteers and members of the SAVE Trust

Mr. David Silver and Ms. Anne Gardner, Volunteers from UK

Please convey our very best wishes to all our friends, colleagues and most importantly the children attending the summer camps. You can tell them that we firmly believe that education is the route to a better quality of life. It seems to us that education in India is one of the few routes to social mobility….it can help cut across caste, class and social divides and goes towards creating a more equal society, within which people can thrive based upon their own ability! We hope the valedictory ceremony goes well tomorrow and we look forward to supporting you in your endeavor to grow SAVE Trust and make it a more professional, effective NGO.

Ms.Maria Cuijpers, Volunteer, Netherlands:

Kindly send my love to all children. I praise them with their hard work and the way they help each other. I also very much value the help of volunteers and well wishers. My greetings to all continue the good work and I remember all here far away in the Netherlands.

SAVE Supporters Club

Aim: To form a supporters club for SAVE Trust with local well wishers, officials, philanthropists and friends for mobilizing local resources for the educational initiatives of SAVE Trust towards creating opportunities to the disadvantaged women and children in the slums of Chennai. The SAVE Supporters Club has been formed in a meeting on 19.12.2017. Mr. Anbarasan, Asst. Accounts Officer, Dr. Ragunathan, Health Officer, Chennai Corporation, Mr.A.Bakthavatchalam, Director ARM, Mrs.B.Sagayamary, Treasurer, Mr. David Silver & Mrs. Anne Gardner - Volunteers, Tzedek-UK lighting the Kuthuvilakku. The existing and new well wishers and local philonthrophysts were presented in the meeting. They all assured to support our request. The beneficiary children of the after school tuition centres and trainees of Computer Centre have shared the benefits they gained through the projects. Mr. David Silver has delivered a talk on the aim, need and importance of local contribution for running tuition centres. The well wishers have appreciated the initiative on the educational need and delivered their felicitation to SAVE Trust and beneficiary children. The meeting helped us to create a good relationship between SAVE Trust, stake holders and well wishers. The meeting had been started with an instrumental music concert and ended with delicious dinner.

Visitors from partner organizations

Partners Visit

Visit to Project from Wings of Hope-07.12.2016: Our beloved and respected Madam Mrs. Rajni Sriram, the Co-founder of Wings of Hope, had visited the tuition project along with 8 students from the UK school on 7th December, 2016. The staff, tuition teachers and stake holders gave a warm welcome to the visitors.

Meeting with Tuition Teachers & Stake Holders: We had a meeting with the tuition teachers and stake holders at the computer centre. The students have interacted with the tuition teachers on their responsibilities and development of children benefiting through the tuition centres. The registers and reports were verified by Rajni Madam and inquired the teachers on their roles and responsibilities and improvement of the tuition children.

Visit to VOC Nagar Tuition Centre: The students have visited a tuition centre in VOC Nagar, Vyasarpadi and interacted with tuition children. The children enjoyed the fun games conducted by the UK students. The leaders of Dr. Ambedkar Association were appreciated by Rajni Madam for providing the premises of the association for the tuition centres free of cost. The tuition teachers Ms. P. Nanthini and Mr. P. Balaji were also appreciated for their commitment in serving the poor children through tuition centres.

Visitors from Tzedek – 1st, December, 2016: Mr. Dominic Stolerman & Miss. Nyasha Chiwerezafrom Tzedek have visited the CCLE on 1st December, 2016. The CCLE trainees and slum leaders welcomed them in a grand manner. The visitors have interacted with trainees about the uniqueness and benefits of the project. They greeted the trainees for their bright future. In association with Mr. David and Mrs. Anne, they have also visited few tuition centres in Vyasarpadi, Ponniamman Street and SSPuram B block and interacted with tuition children with awareness games and appreciated the tuition teachers for their commitment and doing good task for the welfare of children of their respective slums.

Volunteers from Abroad

Training support by our beloved volunteers Mr. David Silver and Mrs. Anne Gardner from Tzedek, UK to Trainees of CCLE, Tuition Teachers and Children: English Improvement Classes for Trainees of CCLE & Tuition Teachers: Mr. David and Mrs. Anne our volunteers from Tzedek, UK have conducted classes to the trainees of CCLE and the tuition teachers on English improvement classes. They taught the trainees on English vocabulary with enhancing creativity of the participants to learn new words through exercises and activities. The fear of learning English has been removed and during the period 6 classes were organised. The volunteers have very much helped the trainees to learn English well through innovative and interactive practical sessions.

Life-Skills & Soft Skills for Trainees of CCLE & Tuition Teachers: During this reporting period from October to December, 2016, Mr. David Silver and M/s Anne Gardner volunteers from Tzedek have trained the trainees in various aspects related to life skills, soft skills and English conversation. The trainees’ gained knowledge and skills on Leadership, Communication, Soft skills, Time management, Presentation skills during Interviews, Various Teaching Methods, Resume Preparation, Conversations and Posture, Cultural activities and Social awareness. During their volunteering period Tamara and Joel their daughter and son and Mr. Tim from UK also visited the CCLE and interacted with the trainees.

Contribution of Ms.Maria Cuijpers a Volunteer to Slum Community: Ms.Maria Cuijpers an Educationalist and Development Worker from Netherlands worked as a volunteer in our organization from 25th February till 17th May, 2013. During her stay in Chennai she trained our staff, volunteers and SHG leaders to develop their skills in the areas of computer and internet, spoken English, promotion of “Urban Slum Gardening” (USG) and training on development concept. During her intervention with the leaders of SHGs and Tzedek beneficiaries, she also educated the women on perfect management of micro business and the need of economic empowerment to deprived women with inputs and awareness education. She also contributed her time in visiting the projects beneficiaries of Tzedek and 1% Club at their homes and small vending spots with the Project Director and staff and counseled them.

Ongoing Project & Past Interventions

Ongoing Projects and Partner Organizations:

The Micro Credit Phase II Project for 35 women Entrepreneurs – Supported By Tzedek, UK - 2014 and 2015:

Tzedek has approved the 2nd phase project by providing an another opportunity to SAVE Trust towards promotion of new batch of 35 deprived slum women in various small vending for the period 2014 and 2015. The lessons we gained from the previous project in Phase-1 would be utilized. 18 women availed an amount from Rs. 6,000/- to 12,000/- and the project was implemented from the month of June, 2014. The lessons we gained from the previous project in Phase-1, was carefully utilized for the success of this project with 35 deprived women. The uniqueness of the people centered project will be sensitized among the beneficiaries during trainings. The stake holders like SHG leaders and volunteers have been empowered to monitor the micro business and counsel the beneficiaries. Through visits to their homes and to their business spots the Project Coordinator, Project Director and SHG leaders are motivating them to run their vending without any stagnation. The success and failures are discussed in review meetings and relevant solutions arrived at.

Women in Development:

The project serves the women in urban slums and rural areas for the past 8 years. It strives to improve the socio-economic condition of the target population; through promotion of SHGs. Presently we have 50 SHGs, which are active and able to get loans from bank. Soon we intend to merge them with the federations. We also provide the knowledge for women on various issues that concern them, such as gender problems, RTI, STI and HIV and AIDS and leadership qualities. The project is beneficial especially to the slum population, which is vulnerable to all these health problems and are not empowered enough to protect themselves. Due to the project the women have benefited in every way. Through the savings they are able to enhance their economic conditions. Some of the benefits that were hitherto not given to them are now made available to them. The knowledge on various gender issues have helped them to solve some of the problems or cope with them. The results of the evaluation showed that the project has achieved the objectives aimed at. The women were able to get extra income, and have improved lifestyles, educate their children and also raise their voices against evils of alcoholism and assert their rights.

CSR visit from ProKarma to Tuition Centres: We have arranged CSR visit on 09th March, 2017 from “ProKarma” a company in Porur, Chennai. A team consists of 10 members under the leadership of Mr. Jebahar an official, ProKarma, (he has joined in SAVE Supporters Club in January, 2017) have visited the CCLE & two tuition centres in VOC Nagar, near slaughterhouse, where Ms.Nandhini & Balaji are working as teachers and they visited one more tuition centre at Ponniamman Street and met Ms. Kowsalya & Vigneshwaran teachers and Mr.Elango. They interacted with the students and collected information on the need for tuition centres and the visit was good. As requested by SAVE Trust, the ProKarma had sponsored the educational materials like water bottles, English to Tamil dictionaries, geometry boxes, black boards and Pencil Boxes etc.

Training on health & life skills Training on health and life skills for trainees and tuition teachers has been organized on 19.03.2017 at CCLE, Perambur. Mrs. Gomathy, a social worker, from VSSB Chennai has been invited as resource person and she spoke on women and reproductive health system. The training has been supported by Purely Overseas Trust, UK in which 40 members have been benefitted. The tuition teachers and trainees of CCLE have spoke on the various violence against women in the aspects of education, women and girl children rights, gender disparity and eve teasing. The resource person had addressed the gathering on the needs of health seeking behavior, life skills and confidence among young women for their own development.

Young Women Groups (YWGs) for Human Rights Advocacy in Chennai slums - Supported By - Haëlla, Netherlands – 2014 – 2015:The project aims to enhance the ability of 120 deprived young women during one year, through capacity building and human rights advocacy to ensure significant improvement in housing rights, peace and harmony among slums in Chennai. TB Intervention Program in Chennai District under REACH Axshya Project- Supported By- REACH, Chennai: Under this project we have carried out many interventions like GKS awareness meetings, community meetings, mass programs, referral services and sputum collection and also collaboration with staff and stake holders working in Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP), a Government Program. In association with doctors, counselors and other health care providers we refer TB symptomatic persons to the Corporation Hospitals, health posts, Government Hospitals exclusively working for TB. Micro Insurance Policy- Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) , Chennai Main Branch: SAVE Trust is one of the authorized promoters of Micro Insurance policies in Life Insurance Corporation of India. We have organized many Orientation programs on the benefits of Micro Insurance. The marginalized people especially women of Self Help Groups and small venders are motivated to join in the scheme and more than 100 benefited.

Health & HIV Awareness & Education

Under this project we have spread awareness on HIV and AIDS to more than 90,000 people during the past 8 years. This happened during our awareness events and during special programs like World AIDS Day and International Candle Light Day. We conducted the programs in association with SHG women, leaders of welfare Associations, auto drivers, college students and female sex workers in Avadi, Red Hills, Puzhal, Vyasarpadi, Perambur, Otteri, Pulianthope, Kannaginagar, and Madurantagam. The members of the SHGs were also provided knowledge on HIV and AIDS, which they would spread among other women and also in their own families. We have spread awareness to slum youth also, as the new infections are mostly among the younger generation. As the people involved in industrial production are vital to be protected, we have spread awareness to industrial workers.

Our interventions in the Past: HIV and AIDS Intervention Program: During the years we have received training support for HIV intervention from International Alliance for the Prevention of AIDS (IAPA), USA based organization having its office in Chennai. Through the project we covered the slum student’s studying in Chennai Corporation schools and Government aided schools as beneficiaries. The volunteers from US were associated with us and sensitized the students, slum women and men on HIV, general and reproductive health issues of adolescents through “Summer Volunteer Program” (SVP).

TB Intervention Program: Since 2009, SAVE Trust is one of the partner NGOs in Resource Group for Education and Advocacy for Community Health (REACH) working for the eradication of Tuberculosis. SAVE Trust took this opportunity to impart the scientific facts and the preventive aspects to the community in the target areas. We have conducted many awareness programs for the benefit of women, youth and students. During this period more than 100 TB symptomatic persons were referred to Government Hospitals for counseling and sputum tests. During this period, two special trainings were conducted in Corporation Medical Centers in North Chennai for TB patients imparting knowledge on the Rights and Responsibilities in which, around 100 patients benefited.

World AIDS Day Awareness Campaign: In collaboration with REACH, on 6th December, 2013 awareness campaign was organized in Perambur, Chennai. Ms. Nalini, District Coordinator, REACH and Mr. S.Baskar addressed to the participants on HIV and AIDS and motivated them to come forward to serve the people suffering from AIDS. After the meeting, a street campaign was launched with the distribution of pamphlets consisting of awareness message on HIV and AIDS. Totally 75 women participated and took an oath to work jointly to eliminate social discriminations against PLWHA.

World TB Day Door to Door Awareness Campaign: An awareness meeting was organized by SAVE Trust in collaboration with REACH on 15th March, 2014 in Perambur, Chennai. To create a greater impact among the hut dwellers the awareness program was conducted by Ms. Nalini, District Coordinator, Mr. Jayaraj, Counselor and Mr. S.Baskar. They addressed the participants on TB and the availability of testing and treatment facilities in Government Hospitals and Corporation Hospitals and Health Posts in Chennai, and also emphasized upon early diagnosis, treatment and follow up and that a greater awareness is needed among community. The volunteers of SAVE Trust were appreciated by the invitees for their involvement in educating the public. 60 women volunteers took a pledge to participate in the RNTCP to control TB.

Environment Development:

Saving the environment and thus saving earth, which is our only home is the need of the hour. Hence, SAVE Trust entered the arena of environment development also. Mainly we focused on two things. Provide knowledge on environment and global warming and make the areas green by planting trees. All our education and intervention activities were based on the above. While we were able to plant trees in rural areas, we focused on education and keeping the environment free from pollution in urban areas, especially in the areas in the slums. More than 20,000 people were given education in environment and global warming and more than 50 youth volunteers have been promoted and they are creating awareness on tree planting and during this period more than 5000 saplings were planted in rural areas. The implementation of the project brought about marked increase in their knowledge. The students and youth and children were able to assimilate the knowledge and produced drawings on environment protection and global warming

Social Welfare:

SHG Women, rural women, senior citizens, people with HIV (PLWHIV), and children were covered under this project. The objectives of the project were to ensure improved socio-economic condition of rural and urban population, provide assistance to obtain benefits from government, help to solve problems of slum and rural people with the government, enhancing the well-being of children, PLWHIV and senior citizens. While we focused on the welfare of the people by providing awareness through SHGs, for the children, the PLHIV we provided assistance in various ways. We were able to refer many children for treatment of many illnesses, especially in the slum areas, to the nearest health posts. We provided nutrition packets to people living with HIV, during the recent World AIDS Day program. The project helped to increase the awareness on environment protection and the devastating effects of global warming. During the project, we were able to discern marked increase in their knowledge. The problems of the evicted slum people were taken up with the government. Many women start to run small eateries as micro enterprises. We provided nutrition support to 15 children and elders living with HIV. Emergency relief work was initiated during the fire accidents in Vyasarpadi, Pulianthope and Perambur with the distribution of food, clothes and education and school education materials to students.

Distribution of Gifts & Educational Materials: We successfully organised the children's get-together function and distributed the toys and gifts to our children at our Perambur office on 18th February 2016. 30 children from four areas of the classes from 1st to 5th were participated and collected the gifts. They all enjoyed and thanked the children of Swaminaryan School, London and our esteemed Wings of Hope, UK for their kind gifts. The leaders of the slums and our volunteers have felicitated the children and expressed their gratitude for the support of Wings of Hope.

Supporting of Educational Materials and School Uniforms: We distributed school uniforms, School Bags and education materials like Exam pad, Stationery with the help of The Wings of Hope, UK for 45 young girl children of our working slum on 5th March 2016. School fees are supported for the 15 needy children in the Slums of North Chennai.

Flood Response – Relief & Rehabilitation: Almost all the slums in the North and the South had gone down to skip - dip water. Belongings such as utensils, cots, mats, dresses, books and other important documents like ration cards, voter ID and certificates were washed away by the uncontrolled floods in December 2015. In association with educational institutions, welfare associations, small companies, temples and churches, our staff and volunteers prepared, collected and distributed the essential commodities like food, biscuit pockets, drinking water, milk, medicines, cloths and other useful things to the slum people. School kits were also distributed to the flood affected slum children with the help of TATA Group of Companies and Staff of KELVION (GEA BTTQ); as well as relief kits donated by children’s of Swami Narayan School, UK through Wings of Hope, UK.

Past Interventions:

Micro Credit Support to Deprived Slum Women SHG members by “Tzedek”, UK: Phase-1 During the project year 2013-2014, Tzedek-UK supported a micro credit project in which 25 selected SHG women emerged as successful entrepreneurs. Training on entrepreneurial skills was imparted and the project women availed seed money loan from Rs.5, 000/ to Rs. 12,000/ for 5 different trades. Now they are continuing their small vending with savings and this was appreciated by Ms. Hannah Gaventa, Education Director, Tzedek and Mrs. Rajni Sriram, the Co-Founder, Wings of Hope, during their visit to the project in SAVE Trust in October, 2013.

Success Stories: Mrs. Kothai is an enthusiastic woman among our beneficiaries. She is living in a rented house with her daughter. Kothai is very bold and good in communication. She is doing her fish vending along with her husband. Kothai now says that she has no worry regarding investment for her business, because the Seed Money support has made a radical difference in her life! Before that she depended on private money lenders and had to repay the loan with huge interest. But now she is living a peaceful life without any threat from them. Her husband is very supportive to her and sometimes he would carry fish on his bicycle and sell on the streets in nearby areas.

Alternate Livelihood Project for Female Sex Workers (FSWs) from “1% Club”, Netherlands to SAVE Trust: The human rights of FSWs are routinely abused by middle men and muscle men. The right to life, safety, free speech, political action and access to information and basic health and education services are denied. Poverty, gender inequality, inadequate education and lack of economically viable job options contribute to the reason to enter into sex work. To address the issue of FSWs, we initiated a project for the promotion of alternate livelihood opportunity to them in the Year, 2013. We approached “1 % Club”, Netherlands, a funding promoter with a project for 50 FSWs. Since mobilized a limited funds, and it was a pilot project to SAVE Trust, we disbursed the grant to only 3 FSWs for their own alternate small vending like selling garments, snacks. Now they are doing the trades well and through these businesses we found some impacts in their daily lives. Now they are successfully doing their vending and have slowly started to reduce clients and having increased awareness on health seeking behavior. The women and their children are also participating in all the interventions and programs of SAVE Trust and creating an acceptance on them among the other women and children. During the project promotion work, Ms. Maria Cuijpers was delegated as the “Project Coach” to SAVE Trust by “1 % Club”.

Religious Harmony among Slum Youth:

Religious Harmony: “Building Bridges of Understanding in a Slum Community” and the religious harmony project has had a very good impact on the slum youth and is appreciated by slum leaders. We have organized these programs to focus on the youth and are arranging more orientation and training opportunities for the near future. We started this project in January 2016 with the support of Lisle International, USA.